What is JEVIC Inspection & what are there roles in Japanese used automobile industry?

Published: 12th February 2010
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JEVIC stands for Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Certificate, its pre-shipment inspection and certification provided by JEVIC Co. Ltd., in Japan.

It's a Japanese based company providing certifications against the used vehicles in various forms since 2001. It is located in all major ports in Japan like in Kawasaki (Tokyo Bay) Nagoya, Yokohama (Tokyo Bay), Osaka and Hakata. They are also having their branch offices in New Zealand & Singapore.

JEVIC having strict ways of inspecting used vehicles and we can understand there reputation by this that some of the countries had made it mandatory to have the JEVIC inspection certificate alongwith the used vehicle importing to their country.

JEVIC having worldwide customers like Government bodies, automobile associations, importers, exporters and different types of international trading companies alongwith end users.

Below are the list of the Inspections & services JEVIC is providing to their clients:

1) Bio-security & NZMAF / LTNZ pre-shipment inspections
2) Checking Replacement documentation
3) Providing Export Certification
4) Translations
5) Inspecting Structural damage with the vehicle
6) Checking Vehicle background
7) Verification of Odometer
8) C-TPAT initiatives
9) Providing some IT solutions also like yard management systems, vehicle surveys and vehicle tracking utilizing the latest in IC/RFID technology.
10) Comprehensive consulting services
11) Checking vehicle records to ensure its not stolen one

JEVIC Co. Ltd. has been charging around JPY 25,000 per vehicle's inspection certification (Please confirm with JEVIC directly to make sure about the charges)

This certification can also be provided by the dealer paying the necessary charges to him.

Check your country's used vehicle import law at JapanAutoPages.com

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